New in here
Hi there people.

Im new in forum also in hash technology. I want to ask an advice about hashcat usage:

Lets say we have a link/url with a hash, how i can declare it in hash algoritm ? I mean it will start with "http://" and will be dots and slashes ofcourse.

Second what kind of attack should i launch ?

Alright maybe i mislead the people for crack my hash and they get me wrong. Thats why maybe i cant get help about it and thats fine.

What about this ?: For hashcat usage should i do overclocking ? In some forum i read about if our powersupply has low quality cables it might cause a fire. And they were talking about 1000 watts. My PSU is just 650 watts. Is it a problem ? Should i declare some overheat rule ? I barely saw hashcat himself set it to 90 but even for me 5 min (even in the start) in status its 80 and more degrees im having.

Any safety suggestions ?
Can be closed, thank you.