Hashcat mask optimilization to break 10 character password
Hello, I need to break my old dogecoin wallet passphrase. The mask I use shows 4+ years on my PC setup so I want to optimize it.

hashcat.exe -a3 -m 11300 hash.txt -1 ?l?u?d-^BbAaQqPpXx --increment --increment-min=10 --increment-max=10 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

I Know password is at least and probably 10 characters long but might be longer. It contains only small and capital letters, numbers and might contain '!' (exclamation). Characters do not repeat consecutively. First 3 characters are not numbers and maximum number of numbers is 4. Some letters were not used: (b,a,q,p,x).

I tried generating a word list containing all 10 character passwords to then post-process it to meet the conditions but crunch showed me the list will be 3 peta bytes so I resigned that idea. 

Can you please help me generate such mask in hashcat? Do i need PACK in order to meet the requirements?
It'll take forever to crack it anyway.