Help with md5($salt.$pass.$salt)
Hello. I am very new to password recovery, and I do not have a firm understanding strong enough to help me out with this problem. I am wondering if there are any places (other forums/online services) I could pay someone to crack a hash for me in exchange for some $? Here is what I know so far:

hash type md5($salt.$pass.$salt)

1. The first salt is: f0d3da36cbe8032a1aa3f9b30ddc1ac2ba1392ee
2. $pass is unknown
3. The second salt is: 1247730
4. The hash is: 115bc347d3a4b98fa0353575f80094f7

If anyone knows where I can get help please let me know, I really need this password, the sooner the better.
are you stupid?
(05-16-2012, 06:50 PM)undeath Wrote: are you stupid?

Wow, thanks for the help!

No I just have never used hashcat and am unfamiliar with what rules to include and other things to set up with the GUI version and I am very busy, I don't have time to learn right now, but I need the pass very urgently so I came here to get some help.
you have already been told this it no hash cracking forum, but you continue posting your hashes, completely ignoring the rules.
A mod told me to post here, edited post to not violate any rules.
reread that. K9 didn't ask you to post your hashes here.
He told me to try this section, I re-edited my post as not to violate forum rules. I am requesting information on possible services or other forums where I can have someone run my information and help me recover this password. I understand you cannot help, I am just looking for someone who can, thanks.
Hey, I found your password... no kidding.
I did it for experience not your blue eyes.
Well that's good, at least I know that it is possible to get the pass. I really need this and when I tried before I kept having problems. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction if you don't want to let me know what you found for whatever reason?

I loaded in hash from a txt document with just "115bc347d3a4b98fa0353575f80094f7" on one line. Loaded word files from the dictionary English that I downloaded from here:

Then loaded the salt file. Did both salts each on 2 separate lines in same txt file and named it x.SALT. Got nothing. Did permutation and it maxed out at 16 characters (I know it is 6min-32max alphanumeric characters) but it took me one full day just to get 1%. I clicked "Write recovered hashes to file" and chose a txt file to put the pass in.

So now I am looking into rules, I don't know how to add rules and which ones I would need for this?

Can you check that I did that correct, I would hate to wait for it all to process just to find that I didn't do the output correct :/

@Vanilla Godzilla:: Your hash is not the usual md5($salt.$pass.$salt), because of the two different salts.

To get your password and to clean up this mess, re-post your request in any cracking-requests forum e.g ( Forum, InsidePro Software Forum) and I'll post the pass.
I'm not allowed to post passwords here.