Wiki has wrong profile folder location (and, may I edit wiki?)
I am a new user of Hashcat, reading the FAQ and figuring things out. Many thanks to everyone who made this useful tool and all the valuable info in the FAQ. I noticed an answer which appears to be out of date in the FAQ, What is a potfile?. It reads,

Quote:The potfile is stored in hashcat's profile folder with the name “hashcat.potfile”. On Unix-likes, this is often in $HOME/.hashcat/hashcat.potfile.

My potfile, created by hashcat 6.2.6 on macOS, is not at this path. Reading the code, function get_profile_dir() in src/folder.c, it seems like hashcat 6.2.2 brought in new locations for hashcat's profile folder. I would suggest that the relevant part of the FAQ be changed to read something like:

Quote:The potfile is stored as a file named hashcat.potfile in hashcat's profile folder. On Unix-likes and macOS, the profile folder is in one of these locations:
  1. If a directory $HOME/.hashcat/ exists, then it is the profile folder. (Hashcat versions before 6.2.2 created this directory.)
  2. Otherwise, if an environment variable XDG_DATA_HOME exists, then Hashcat uses a directory at the path $XDG_DATA_HOME/hashcat as the profile folder.
  3. Otherwise, Hashcat uses a directory at $HOME/.local/share/hashcat/as the profile folder.

How can I propose this change to the wiki for consideration?

And, a related question: this being a "wiki", the answer might be that I should be bold and edit it myself. But I do not see a page on the wiki encouraging readers to become contributors, nor any way to register for a wiki account.  Who is allowed to edit the wiki? Should I as a new user ready to contribute doc improvements ask for that access?

I would be happy to contribute new user content to the wiki. I would hope to help other users past the confusion which I face reading the current wiki. For instance, the location of the profile folder should probably not be documented in an FAQ about the potfile location. There could be better noob-oriented tutorials. Etc.
Great catch - merged, thanks very much! Not sure how this escaped our attention when the actual changes happened (some time ago!)