Hashcat create mask for specific crc32 hash layout
Hello. I was wondering if anyone was able to help me formulate a mask/full command to crack a hash that has a specific input.

I have a few known inputs and hashes (CRC32):
"rend::texturemetadata" -> 0x968A49B7
"physics::collisionpackagemetadata::rigidbodyinfo" -> 0x396302B5
"r::fileinfometadata" -> 0x95E8C0EF

Now I have the hash 0xE974FDFF and I was wondering if anyone can help me formulate a mask (or full command) that I could use to crack the hash. From context, the result will probably be "**::**", but I have another hash that might have the layout "**::**::**". A mask that works for both/seperate masks would very much be appreciated. Sorry if this is something considered trivial. I have no experience with hashcat

note that I do not know the amount of characters that will be before or after the "::"