Help needed to crack Apple Notes Password!
Hello Everyone! 

I need a help in cracking Apple Secure Notes. I've the hashes extracted from an iphone backup with iCloud notes parser from github. And I've the Notestore.sqlite file too. I don't know the password length but it could be 8 I think 🤔 and I've the hint for the password. Can someone help me crack this password. Been trying to crack this password since April 4th and tried some online cracking services like Onlinehashcrack, hashopr,,,, But no luck.

Can someone crack the password which is very important to me! Or please show me some hashcat commands which could crack the password with my 5th Gen i3 Dell with 4GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce 920M Graphic Card.

If you want to take a look at the hashes I'll post it privately if the user permits me to.

Thank You Everyone 😊

This is my Telegram ID : M041633N
Anybody help!
Am I doing the right thing!
I couldn't crack it 🤪 with this command! hashcat -m 16200 [Removed} --session apple-notes --status -w 3 -a 3 "?a?a?a?a"