typo scenario password cracking
Hi guys, help me please, have a password in which I can make a mistake 

Example : Coca-Cola1985

I could have placed my finger on a adjacent symbol, a space could have accidentally be typed, accidentally I could press shift or caps lock, or a letter could be skiped

How would l a rule that combines all these specifications would look like in a command line, or what should I do to solve this problem, previously thank you Smile
As I understood the command line would look something like this 

hashcat -m <hash_type> -a 0 <hash> dictionary.txt \ -r rules/my_custom_rule

Where the dictionary.txt are the password variations and the custom_rule is the ways how the symbols can be toggled or replaced

The following question is how to write a custom rule that combines in itself adjacent symbols, uppercasing/lowercasing individual symbols, adding spaces, skipping letters and adding a full stop in the end of the password ?
Maybe that's what you're looking for:
(05-14-2024, 04:09 PM)b8vr Wrote: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=rule_based_attack

Thanks, I have already looked at the docs before posting, a little new to hash cat, probably a bit puzzled cause a noob right now Smile