MD5(Unix) Format
Hi. Trying to get oclHashcat-plus to crack what I think is a salted MD5 hash from a unix system. Using the '-m 500' hash type for 'MD5(Unix)'.

However, I keep getting the "Line-length exception" error. What is the proper format for loading an MD5(Unix) hash? Do I need to remove the $1$ or something else?

My hash looks something like this ($1$ followed by 8 characters followed by $ followed by 22 characters):
This is the correct format. Make sure you have no whitespaces at the beginning or the end of line. Also make sure you are not writing a BOM (unicode marker). This is how an md5crypt hash looks like: $1$ORe4nc8h$.HblLycK3mBjbuXjE3IrP.