What kind of hash is this?
Hey guys, i stumbled upon this hash and i just can't realize what type of hash it is. I run it through a hash identifier and it says it's MYSQL. I've tried running it through oclHashcatplus and oclHashcatlite and tried both with MYSQL and MYSQL>4.1 and both of them tell me it's an invalid hash because of wrong length. If you guys could help i would really appreciate it. Thanks!

hash: 539449187f0662da

You may get more answers here or here.
They told me it's MYSQL, not MYSQL>4.1 or MYSQL5. I've tried cracking it with oclhashcatlite and plus and none of them let me do it because they say i put invalid password length?

"ERROR: No hashes loaded
line length exception: 16"
A MYSQL v >4 hash is 40 chars.
A MYSQL v <4 hash is 16 chars.

So hashcat can crack mysql version prior to 4 (named mysql323)

Try www.google.fr/search?q=online+hash+crack