Regular Expression Interpreter
(06-03-2012, 03:41 AM)ntk Wrote: I like you very much, but NO thanks I am afraid I could not doing all the list from A-Z for you. hihihi Space is the problem Hash-IT. 26 X 54GB is a lot. I am struggling already with clearing space for three of your list.

Unless you manage to doing magic by lifting them to some common space in the ether for us all, and by doing that also free my HD, otherwise I would not create then delete then create. I know it is fast enough with modified grep for this filter purpose, after testing 2nd list it is proven

I did post a comparison example and reason of change on your other thread too.

you can generate list for either n, t or k. then compare with mine 54GB (for each alphabet), created in 106min, if running 2 grep instances or 88min if one instance only. My PC is AMD 2.8GHz.

Smile ha ha ok.

I think this will only work successfully when it can be performed on the fly with GPU. This kind of storage is crazy for wordlists. I am just playing about with it now.
thanks for your kind understanding. Challenge is closed, I hope.