Can I make oclHashcat-plus 0.08 use a different potfile?
I'm mounting a copy of oclHashcat-plus across a read-only file system (on a local network), so I can't write to that directory (/opt). When running Hashcat with few arguments:

/opt/oclHashcat-plus-0.08/oclHashcat-plus64.bin -a 3 -m 100 ./hashes.txt ?l

it tries to write to /opt/oclHashcat-plus-0.08/hashcat.pot, which gets a permission denied error (read-only file system).

Is there any way I can tell Hashcat to use a different file instead? I saw some documentation online for the --disable-potfile switch, but it appears to be disabled in this version.

I tried using the --outfile switch to no avail.

oclHashcat-plus64.bin --help

That will tell you how to do it.
change your working directory. hashcat.pot is always stored in your CWD.