Forum Topic Request
Could we please have a new topic title in “Misc” called “General” or something similar ?

This would allow members to ask pen-testing questions in general rather than just strictly hashcat related ones. I am thinking about questions surrounding wordlists, wordlist manipulation, cleaning of, regular expressions, other freeware programs related to pen-testing, command line stuff, requests for small simple tools and a common place to ask things in general which don’t fit well in any other of the topic titles.

I understand there are other forums and sources for this sort of thing but the hashcat community is, or at least seems to me, a little more educated than most. You tend to get a better quality of reply here, ok we have a few examples to prove the opposite (ha ha ) but you know what I mean.

I expect the same rules to apply regarding talk of commercial software or links to warez / crack sites and the posting of hashes but it would be nice if everything else was allowed.

Perhaps you could just try it for a few weeks to see if it gets abused or not ?

Thank you.
Sounds reasonable, added.
Thank you very much Big Grin

I hope neither of us regret it. You might need to keep a watch on it for a little while, just in case !

Thanks for the new Topic!
(06-10-2012, 12:32 AM)fizikalac Wrote: +1

Thanks for the new Topic!

Big Grin

Well, this idea has got off to a good start ! Smile

2 first time posters in the first day of the new section !

Sorry for thinking you were fake fizikalac, it just seemed to good to be true someone joined it straight away.