Disable setup from hashcat-gui v0.2.433
How can I disable the setup program "Forum Submiter Pro" from the hashcat-gui v0.2.433?
hashcat-gui v0.2.433 does not ship with such a setup. Please check if you are referring to the right program here.

Please verify that the obtained .rar file has the following MD5 checksum:

b61acb9508261a607bf8f00c11b7846e *hashcat-gui-0.2.433.rar

In case it does not please share the source of the file you're talking about.
Yes, I checked on another computer, nothing is not installed. But on this machine for some reason and when you start hashcat-gui.exe and outfileviewer.exe appears installer. And only after the installation to cancel it 5 times, the program starts. And if you wait until after the installation, it will no longer appear on startup. Can a program conducts any operations with "msiexec"?
I have no idea which problems you are facing on that system I must admit. Please contact your system support personell, it looks like some configuration issue to me.

Please keep us updated if you find out more about the issue.
I twice had similar issues, both times on XP.
Each time I started M$ Office, msinstaller started.That was annoying.I found the solution by deleting it.
Another time, on another PC, it always starts, almost with any application, so I disabled msiexec service permanently, and only re-enable it when I need to install something.
Strange. Just nowhere this no longer appears only in this program. I even thought it may be a virus of some kind. Or is it a bug programs written in Visual Basic. But other applications do not.