Does vga quadro supported
Does this new generation of graphic cards will be supported in
oclhashcat Lite 0.10 ?
can u give us the speed for calculation SL3 aprox ?
should this : NVIDIA QUADRO PNY 4000
be good or we wait for AMD HD7990
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It was stupid question, really.
wait for 7990.
quadro is rubbish
(06-19-2012, 09:12 PM)KT819GM Wrote: It was stupid question, really.
first i say thanks for Mr: Mem5
second for the man who see that my post was stupid.
Does You are one of the devloper of oclhashcat Project
you are just an beta tester who get for free the software from the king Atom to make some mony and instead to give help and exprience to other members of this communty you insult me (if other member you will do the same)i don't know u ,why this aggressiveness???
i know the responce but i give reply here for all to know who is Good and who is Bad.
members like you should be banned for some Days (in forum rules) and for ever in my head.

CMD c:\delete KT819GM

It have no relationship to my status on this forum and your stupid question. If you check what people talking on irc about posts like this you would say - sorry for my stupid question, I will try to read a bit before asking such questions. People here are tired from SL3 related questions.

ps. correct delete cmd would be: del c:\KT819GM as on C you have no file delete.
Its not easy to estimate the speed because there might be some special instructions on the GPU, but from the specs on the nv page it says its just 256 cuda cores. There is also no core clock listed. I guess SL3 speed will be around 400 Mhash/s.