IRC channel #hashcat moved to freenode
Hey Guys,

Rizon served us well, there is nothing to complain, but I've quickly decided to move to the FreeNode IRC Network just because there are much more users that might be interessted.

So in case you use our IRC channel (lots of users in it!) on rizon please update your client, bouncer etc to freenode. They have a hub on

An Web-Gateway is also available:

See you there!
a lil update from a very old post ,
i've been having some difficulty with freenode lately after some saga happen with freenode staff (they left and created libera)

if you are having the same issue such as

"[You must use TLS/SSL and authenticate via SASL to connect to freenode please visit in order to create an account. SASL Configuration: - Webchat:]"

then just go to libera

(jens you can update your post and delete mine if you'd like )