16 character password + Hybrid Attack
I'm new in hashcat & need some help.
I have specific task: so I have 16 character password. Character are numbers & capital letters from A to F. I know last 8 character from password & I need brute force first 8 characters.
Of course I have md5 hash. It look like
Password = ********ABCFEFGQ
MD5 = aX1fX24XX932XXbbXX1Xd69cXX5e4f2ce

I read docs & find that i need to use Hybrid Attack

But it seems hash cat can not work with password more than 15 characters now days.
Is it true?

And the second question - what is the proper command to hashcat-plus to do such job?
1. oclHashcat-plus is limited to 15 chars.
2. hybrid is the wrong attack, you want to do a mask attack. Consolut the wiki again.
3. If you only need to iterated through 8 chars 0-F this is a 16^8 keyspace. You can do that pretty fast with hashcat CPU or oclHashcat-lite. I cracked your hash in < 1 second with it.
4. do not post hashes here or mask them, warning added.