EGB v1.7
Admin @ InsidePro has just released a new version of his GPU hashcracker.

Major spotlights:
Up to 256 different attacks can be specified to run in one run, no need to make 256 batch files for that.This applies to all attack methods.

Wordlist attack for all algorithms.

Hybrid attack(actually, it's kind of combination attack, yet rule @(insert word from wordlist) can be used).

Speed increase for big unsalted hashlists by 25...30 %.

thx for info. lets do some benchmark and update the comparisation page... Smile
I hateAngry EGB, because you have to pay for it.
And there you can´t use it as shareware because of it´s limitations!

Thats why I loveHeart hashcat!
And thats the reason why I want to support you atom!
Even I can´t code and pay you money, if there´s somthing
to do, you can tell me!