need analog for HashHush and Coy in Linux
Hi lucky Linux users!
I decided to try LinuxMint 11 and have some questions for GURU:
what the way in BASH to extract uncracked hashes from my hashlist using john.pot (like utility COY do it in Windows)
also in BASH to sort hashlist by types of hashes like HashHush can do it
Big thanks for any help!
I'm not familiar with COY or HashHush. But I believe I understand what you are attempting to accomplish, and do not understand why you needed programs to do this.

To extract uncracked hashes from your hash list using john.pot, you might be able to use --left with oclHashcat-plus on your john.pot -- depends on what kind of hashes you have in your pot file. But probably better to use jtr --show=left. But beware that jtr formats hashes differently so you will need to do some trimming to make jtr hashes work with hashcat.

To sort a hash list, it's a simple as using sort -u on the list.
many thanks for answer, but i cannot extract uncracked hashes from my list
i did:
Quote:./john --show=left --format=des ./MyHashList.txt > ./uncracked.txt
and got:
Quote:Extra parameter for option: "--show=left"
where i did mistake?

just try JTR with jumbo-patch
Many thanks again!