Single hash use on command line
I wanted to see who else might find this useful. Rather then creating a file then adding a single hash, instead just allow it on the command line.

Instead of:
echo -n "00c6ee2e21a7548de6260cf72c4f4b5b" > hash.file
./hashcat-cli.bin -m0 hash.file dictionary.dic
./oclHashcat64.bin -m0 hash.file ?l?l??l ?l?d

Have this:
./hashcat-cli.bin -m0 -h 00c6ee2e21a7548de6260cf72c4f4b5b dictionary.dic
./oclHashcat64.bin -m0 -h 00c6ee2e21a7548de6260cf72c4f4b5b ?l?l??l ?l?d
I see it useful. Have to test and see if that also improves (a lot) or not the speed.
Thanks for the suggestion !
its not so hard to add this. but -h is already in use. i'll add it if i have some spare time.
Only now I realised that -h option isn't working (availbale) in olchashcat ! Blush
Or am I wrong ? I suppose that working a single hash may give an extra
speed, or not ?
Boris, this is the feature request section. The -h switch is a request. It isn't currently implemented.
heh -h is not working coze if it used popup help man ))
May be -hash will work if u need for single hash?
comes in oclHashcat v0.26