Multi Character Re-Map
Please can we have a rule feature like the substitution one is now
but allowing the user to perform multiple substitutions per rule
line ?

I won't go into why this would be very useful as it will make this
thread overly complicated... again !

At the moment when using hashcat-plus a user can make a rule file
like this?


Which changes password to pa$$word.

This is great and very useful, however it would be fantastic if
the following was possible.


(please note, all substitutions on one line and run together).

Which changes password to p4$$w0rd.

I know this can be achieved with other things but this example is
to try to make the request as simple to understand and explain as possible.

Thank you Smile
This should work already, however the max. number of function calls per rule is limit to 14. Try with two and hashcat and --stdout mode. I dont see why this isnt working already
Ha ha, oh dear, unforeseen consequences ! Big Grin

In my effort to demonstrate this in a simple way I have over done it a bit. You are correct atom it does work as you say.

I tried to modify more than 14 in my tests and wrongly assumed this feature wasn't available, sorry.

Well, I guess my request has shifted, again ! Could you make it possible for user to make more substitutions than the current limit of 14 please ?

Particularly when using the rule in hashcat-plus.

For a particular idea I have I need at least 26 but more would be better if possible.

Thank you.
Currently there is no way around this limit, sorry Sad
(09-18-2012, 12:03 PM)atom Wrote: Currently there is no way around this limit, sorry Sad

Oh no !! Sad

Thats what I was afraid of, I thought there may be a technical reason for the limit and it would seem there is.

I have re-worded the feature on the request page on the wiki, if at anytime you can work out a solution please will you consider it ?

Thank you for your help.