oclhashcat GUI needed ; I even pay $$ !
I have a very fast computer here; 2x HD5970s.

The only problem I have is to type these lines in CMD windows of oclhashcat !!

Im getting crazy with these command lines !! Sad

So I think before you guys improve the speed or the algo, you should rather create a nice, small GUI for this nice program Wink

Or even better; a tool that "generates" the command for the options I chose in the gui. So that it gives me a command that I can copy&paste in the CMD window

I would even pay several hundred dollars for it !!! Smile

2 5970s will be very nice when crazy ati developers fix the opencl runtime bug, which doesnt allow to properly use 2 GPUs of 5970.
Right now, using oclhashcat with 5970s is not worth the effort.

P.S. It's not hard to learn the command line.
Takes a few days at most.

P.S.S. Maybe Hakre can help you out, hmm ?
PM him with your offer.
Im a lazy guy, I dont want to learn it, and I also dont have time for it.

Its such a nice programm, the last thing missing is really a good looking interface ! Or at least a tool that generates the cmd codes... Smile
nobody ? Sad
(10-13-2010, 04:10 PM)rafuter Wrote: nobody ? Sad
Just curious. How much are you willing to pay?
depends on the GUI, coding language, support, further updates (when new commands will be added)

I would say up to 300$. More it isnt worth.
I can pick that up, please see PM.
I'm also willing to create a GUI for windows. Hakre let me know if your not up for it.
Will the GUI be free for everyone?
Thank you so much!
That would be up to you.