The application was unable to start correctly
I downloaded oclHashCat-Plus, and whenever I try to run it I get a .dll error

OpenCL.dll is missing.

So I downloaded the .dll, then tried to run again and it says "the application was unable to start correctly"

this is the same with every version I try for oclHashCat-Plus

how do I get it to work?
where did you download opencl.dll from? opencl implementations are vendor-specific. you should be using the opencl library shipped with your vendor's drivers.
Didn't even know that had anything to do with it. Why doesn't the program work though? It should..nothings wrong with my PC
the program will not work unless you have a compatible video card, have an appropriate opencl runtime installed, and have installed the latest drivers for your video card. installing the latest drivers for your card will install an appropriate opencl runtime for you.
I remember trying to check for an updated version of my drivers card a while ago. It never found anything.
just tried right now and it says "The best driver software for your device is already installed" "Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date"

Intel(R) HD Graphics
oclHashcat-* only supports AMD Radeon HD devices with OpenCL, and NVIDIA devices with CUDA. Intel devices are not supported.
I just tried on my windows vista, which has Radeon, I run the 32bit and it just flashes the cmd for a second, then nothing...
it is a console utility. you will need to run it from cmd.exe or powershell. or, use hashcat-gui.
How do I run it from Hashcat-gui? it just says [disabled] when I load up hashcat

When I attempt to run it from CMD I cd to its directory, type in the name
and get "Usage: oclHashcat-plus32 [options...] hash!hashfile!hccapfile [dictionary!mask!directory...]

:o I have no idea how this works, but I managed to get it running on my windows 7 in CMD
I typed oclHashcat-plus32 --help
and it loaded up the interface in CMD, now just to figure out how to use it Confused
So say I had a dictionary, and a md5 hash list, with email:hash (because I want to use the ignore username command)

What would my command be to specify an md5 hash list, dictionary, --username and output?