OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion support
Would be great if we can get support for osx 10.8 in hashcat-plus. Dave Grohl updated his tool for this already. Here's a real life test hash from my MBP. the password is password

localhostBig GrinaveGrohl 2 root# ./dave -S testuser
entropy = <86d96abf 4469ed87 87360683 b4e136ef 4264399f bc63040b 1bce9c2c b336a5b9 89b0c626 db57a0ae becadf83 f0d72a59 da0611e0 5c1acbe7 5a2336b6 4afe52be 571bcbae 3ad0dfb1 b4a2abab 68271dc0 04255706 ba0785e1 62528154 e014d24a b0e415b8 bc7b2673 e54c0e1c 530f2947 49947603 181721b2 c00fc69a d2d661eb>;
iterations = 37174;
salt = <455997a0 ed47c93f 71185631 be3a8968 2a924aaa 397df48a 75bdc044 1fa3fc9b>;

localhostBig GrinaveGrohl 2 root# ./dave -j testuser

They keep changing their hashing algos ridiculously.
Yes, this would be great another thumbs up for this. Dave is a bit slow :-)
I know there isn't much support for OSX hash on the forums but Macs as a whole are making their way into the enterprise space every day. Most companies I work with aren't prepared to deal with securing these devices hence weak to no security management policies, including password policies.

Considering Dave Grohl doesn't offer multi-core support and can only get around 10 c/s, performing a password security audit is more or less impractical.

Atom, please consider adding OSX 10.8 support and as always, thank you for all the hard work Smile
it's on the todo list already
fantastic, you guys rock!