SHA1 $salt.$password
Hi everyone,

I am currently attempting to brute force a password that consists of an SHA1 hash with a two character salt concatenated to the front of this hash. I have tried to use hashcat-cli64 to brute force it, but every time I attempt to run the program, it stops immediately. I have tried exasperating the hash and the salt with a semi-colon both at the beginning and at the end, but it does not make a difference. The salt+hash is stored in a text file called hash.txt. Here is the line I used to run the program:

hashcat-cli64.exe --hash-mode 102 --attack-mode 3 C:\Users\Kevin\Downloads\hashcat-gui-0.5.1\hashcat-gui-0.5.1\hash.txt

Some assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
You forgot to add a mask to your commandline. See here: