Formatting question
Maybe I'm just completely missing something but I don;t understand how to properly make the output something that I can easily work with. For example, if I have a list of 15k username:hashes, is it even possible to configure the output so what I receive is username:crackedhash? What I've been able to get is simply hash:crackedhash which in itself is kind of useless for a large list because I don;t understand how to join the cracked hash back up with the original username.

Could someone please bestow upon me some nuggets of wisdom for this formatting. Hashcat is so much faster than my alternative but the formatting on my alternative makes up for the lack of speed atm.
All you need to add user the --username flag. If specified, it "knows" that hashes come in username:hash format and ignores the username.

When you are done with cracking you can use the --show flag to merge the results.
I know this is probably so redundant for many people but I'm still having issues. This is what my original command line looks like:

cudaHashcat-plus32.exe --username --outfile C:\Proxy\Hashes\hashcat-gui-0.5.1\test2.txt.out C:\Proxy\Hashes\hashcat-gui-0.5.1\test2.txt C:\Proxy\Hashes\Dictionaries

Where would do I put the --show flag to merge usernames back into the cracked hashes?

Thank you for your time.
omit the path for the dicts, specify the hash mode (-m) and append --show.
So it should look like this??

cudaHashcat-plus32.exe -m 0 --username --outfile C:\Proxy\Hashes\hashcat-gui-0.5.1\test2.txt.out --show