Wordlist keyspace caching in plus?
When using wordlists, oclHashcat-plus scans them first so it know the keyspace. I have asked before but could ohc cache this value UNLESS the wordlist filesize / date modified is changed? This would then mean ohc can get straight to cracking rather than reading a 14GB+ wordlist.

Good example of this being a pain is when u have 8+ rules u want to run against it and it has to scan it every single time.

Tnx atom Smile
This rocks, will be added
OK, added to oclHashcat-plus v0.10b39
I got my hashcat.dictstat now! YAY!
Thanks blandyuk and atom, this is definitely awesome!
Yeah I have tested and it totally rocks, knew it would Smile it really makes a massive difference as it get straight into the cracking part which is wot we all want Wink
Dictionary cache support added to latest oclHashcat-plus version. Thread closed.