HOWTO: Add a Title, an Author and a Name to your Rules-File
As announced, the hashcat website now has a section that lists user contributed hashcat rules -

This How-To describes how to add additional information like a more descriptive title or the name of the creator to a rule-file.

HOWTO: Add a Title, an Author and a Name to your Rules-File

You can add meta-information to rule files by adding comments at the top of the file and by labeling them. Comments are a line that start with a dash "#". Labels are just words followed by a colon ":".

Example Rule File Headers:

# Rules: Top 23,842 rules based of statistical analysis
# Created by: D3ad0ne
# V1.4

... (rules follow here, one per line)

Title of Rules

To give the rules a readable name / title, use the "Rules" label. If the first comment line does not contain any label, the whole first line is read as the title:

# foo rules
# Created by: hakre
# V0.1

This shortcut works as well but only work for the title and in the first line.

Author of Rules
To put your name / nickname in there, use the "Created by" or "Author" label (both do the same).

Version of Rules

To provide version, you can use the "Version" label. If your version starts with the letter V ("V" or "v"), it will be removed.

Alternatively, use at least one of the other headers above and add a comment-line starting with a V "V" and then giving the version number as displayed in the example above. This is the shortcut for version.

Additional Information

Labels are case insensitive and must be placed within the first 1 024 bytes or so. Just put them at the very beginning of the file.

If you do not provide any of the information as described, the name of the rules as well as of the author can only be guessed based on the filename which does not work properly for all cases as you might guess.