oclHashcat without window manager
Hello, on hashcat wiki is written that since Catalyst 12.9 Beta it's possible to run OCL powered apps without running window manager and it'd increment performance exactly about 50%. Well, I've tried it on X11 and LightDM and no luck. I've tried Catalyst 12.10 and 12.11 Beta and everytime I stopped WM and wanted to start benchmark, it showed me error such as clGetDeviceIds() -1 or clGetPlatformId() -1. What should I do to make it working ?
The main problem is that all drivers > catalyst 12.8 are very unstable (and slow). So you should stick to catalyst 12.8. Btw, X11 is not decreasing your cracking rates.
Good to know. Thank you for your answer. But, this is a problem. The lowest version of Catalyst I can install is 12.9 Beta, becouse of my kernel version. I have Ubuntu 12.10 (linux 3.5) on my desktop and Arch linux (linux 3.6.8) on my server. Is there any workaround to make Catalyst 12.8 works at least on linux 3.5 ?
It is strongly recommended that you use use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS which will allow you to use 12.8. This seems to be something of a standard around here, so you'll be better off if you stick with that.
just because you need to run x11 doesn't mean you need to run oclHashcat from within a window manager. you can still run it at console if you export the appropriate display.
Well, I've installed Ubuntu Server 12.04, xserver and xterm, and on NTLM it was only about 0.27% faster than on my KDE Sad
The speed loss is mainly on SHA1 based algorithms, not MD4.
Oh, Ok. Now, it's clear to me. Thank you.

// EDIT: For SHA1 it's ~0.8%