Question on rules
I have an old laptop, (2004), with geforce FX go5200 video card, IE: no cudaSad so i rely on finding patterns in found decrypts, writing word lists that loosely match those patterns, then writing rules to modify the lists. here's an example from some dec NTLM hashes:
I see this pattern

so I make this word list 2num1special, (using only :$? for the specials to keep the list small), 1upper and 3lower. This list is 7chr and the passes are 9 so I write a rule for the rest that goes like this:

append lower add ' [3-8]

So my ? Is this the same rule or does Hashcat gui treat them differently.


Thanks for any help.
Hashcat does not support preprocessing.
But it's getting a speed increase!

Using a laptop for hashcracking is a bit unusual and quite ineffective in my opinion.
Thanks Rolf, your info ans a bunch of ?'s i had like why i get diff results between HC and JTR, why HC is faster and so on. I read in the forum somewhere about looking in the examples folder for ans to some things but I see the files all have the .word and .hash extensions. I figure the hash are the algos for the diff hashes HC uses and the word are the descriptions of these. If this is correct isn't the .word extention from the old macwrite program?? and if so or even if not so how do i open them?? thanks again.
Oclhashcat's docs folder probably has the examples you mentioned.
The .hash files are example hashes, and the .word files are plaintexts of those hashes.
I bet Atom made them just for reference, like "how hashes of that algo look like".
Notepad/Any text editor will open them.
Already tried few diff prog to open them with poor results. heres a few lines from A0.M0.word

$<-+1Jz?dPL)[Winkmg<so'R 5Ri0':.m^Rfv?,x[G
anyway it's not what i was hoping, I was hoping it was more like the docs folder in jtr. Oh well LOL
all the simple commands like i, s, ^ and $ is 100% compatible to jtr. but hc does not have a preprocessor (no [ ]).
Thanks Atom, I realized after I posted this that i had written the rule example in JTR'ese instead of HC'ese
what i meant to do was this:

and so forth
as soon as Rolf said no Pprocessor, (which I knew but musta been having a flashback at the time), i realized I had asked another ? before putting brain in gear. Please forgive as it was early in my morning. what? 1 in the afternoon isnt early???LOL thanks again guys I'll try in future to engage brain before fingers!!