New user, I need a little help.thanks
Hi to all and thinks for the help. I'm new to all this so if u could direct me to a thred or help me out that would be much appreciated. I DL the latest version of hashcat on my Mac and I'm not sure of everything I need to do to get it to work. Any ideas? Thanks. I will be reading threads an hopefully I will be able to figuar it out. Maybe I has something to do with NV what ever that meNs
run hashcat with -h and read the help output.
there's also an entire wiki. and a forum full of advice.

might i also suggest reading ...
Ok thanks. I just needed someone to point me in the direction of a tut that explains everything from the beginning, like what all the abbreviated words mean. Im not asking for someone to solve my problems for me. i know how to read so i just need a good tut so i can learn on my own. Ive made hacks for online games before on my own by reading hrs an hrs of tuts that went no were but i figured it out in do time. so hopefully that will help me on cracking my wifi password. Thanks again for the help. If I have anymore questions ill let ya know but hopefully I can figuar it out on my own so I don't have to bug anyone.
the wiki should provide everything you need.
there are also plenty of videos on youtube