HashcatGUI v0.25 Released
OK, just released HashcatGUI v0.25:

- Increased overall width of application to support more features.
- Added -j -k options for Left / Right rules in Combination mode on oclHashcat-plus.
- Included language files: English, Spanish and French, (See Help tab to select).
- Changed wordlist section so wordlist paths are separate from filenames.
- Fixed running multiple hashcats bug when no SessionID was specified.
- Removed -p if separator is default value.
- Commands should use new -u for --gpu-loops on new hashcat is released.
- Some hash-types are auto detected.


Any issues just let me know.
Thank you ! Big Grin
Thanks! Smile
(01-26-2013, 08:46 PM)James1 Wrote: When you add more dictionaries x100 files to 80 MB, oclHashcat-plus not start brute. Maximum dictionary 14. When adding 14 dictionaries for 1GB, oclHashcat-plus falls with error ERROR: cuMemcpyDtoH () 999. Please fix.

I think Blandy has already mentioned to you that what you are describing is a limitation of hashcat and not with the GUI.

If you like you can create a ticket on the Trac and make a request. Smile
I think it's been fixed in the next release so just have 2 wait Smile
Great work, thanks for the GUI