Performance issue, 2x6990 oclHashcat-plus-0.13 on Win7 x64
I'm getting low speeds for some reason, trying to figure out what's wrong.

Reinstalled Catalyst 13.1 and the latest APP SDK, this is what I'm getting with 2x 6990 on Windows 7 x64

[Image: L8gSDKD.png]

Apparently it's not even recognizing the second card.

Any ideas?
it's only recognizing one card.
Also, set -n 40 and -u 1024 to improve speed. Change as necessary as some higher values can cause the driver 2 crash.
This is what I get with -n 40 -u 1024

[Image: mPZmVpA.png]
so you only need to figure out where your second card went to.
For the one it does recognize, isn't 180k still slow?
Anything I can try as far as recognizing the other card goes?
the speed for one card is fine. No idea about the second card.
uninstall the APP SDK and re-install the driver.