ERROR: cuLaunchKernel() 999
Confirm! Same here ... Newest forceware version GTX 550
Update: Using a Nvidia GTX 550 Ti, I've tried Forceware versions
with Hashcat-plus 32 versions 0.12 and 0.13... and still getting the error...
999 Error will be fixed hopefully in the next version. Any Beta-Tester can reproduce this and try the new beta and confirm its fixed?
Hello atom... Let me start off by mentioning that you are a GOD...

2nd.. I can try & test it... I'm not a beta tester though... but can I try it please, I've been dieng to get this working on my GTX and waited 2 weeks now (Just tell me how to get the beta, and I'll report to you ASAP, like with 5 minutes after I see the post]. Oh and any idea when the new version will be issued if not? Thanks! Smile
Same for me. Would love to test the beta with my GTX 660 ti.
Thx in advance atom!
Any updates yet?
Does anyone has the beta fix for this error?
Would love to test the beta too...
More power and thanks to the hard work you guys fixing this error!
Don't want to bug atom, but is there a target date for the next release?
well i dont like to release just because of 1 bugfix. however it is a major bug, so maybe i will release sooner. have to think about