new AMD-A integrated GPU?
Hi All Smile wanted to ask, did anybody already test a AMD series "A" system with hashcat?
Im asking because this new generation CPU has the GPU inside (!!! found out only few hours ago.. Smile) e.g. the latest AMD A10-5800K has a HD7660 GPU integrated inside.. so, I was wandering - is hashcat working better on these integrated GPU? or we better continue sticking with the external GPU cards? Smile
You know, having an integrated GPU sounds to me cheaper/less overheating/less consumption/less noisy/space save - than the usual external GPU cards.. but who knows, if performances are getting worst.. Tongue Thanks
Your not going to get anywhere near the performance on an APU as your are on a dedicated GPU.
now crysis, i want you to think for a second: how big is the cooling solution on a gpu? now, how big is the stock cooling solution that ships with an apu? gpus have external power connectors; how many watts does a cpu socket support?

the integrated gpu on the A10-5800K is not a "HD7660" -- it's a "HD 7660D." just like the M series, the model numbers do not align with the mainstream product line. and the D series is actually less powerful than the M series.

so apu cracking is even less advantageous than the already unadvantageous laptop cracking.
Don't know about desktop apus, but in my notebook there're 2 gpus - 7670M & 6620G.
I don't know which of them is inside the cpu, but they're more or less comparable. 710 Gflops & 852 Gflops. The strongest gives out 18000 wpa c/s, the other one does 12000 c/s.
the 7670M would be the discrete gpu, and the 6620G would be the integrated GPU.