Have a username file like the salt file
One thing that would be handy for Domain Cache Credentials is to have hashcat to use a username file so I can put it thru my 32 hex hashes to see how many are actualy DCC hashes. Having to append :administrator on all hashes which is a pain needless to say Undecided
You do know that DCC treats username as salt ?
And probably not all DCCs have Administrator as username ?
Oh, and the username is case sensitive.
Not to mention speed will suck big time.
1). Yes I know they can be treated like salts, but hashcat doesn't do it for DCC unless I add the username on ALL hashes! How annoying.
2). Yes I know the username could be anything but I use a standard list or usernames.
3). It's not case sensitive, it converts the username to lowercase for DCC Wink
Algo: MD4(MD4(Unicode($pass)).Unicode(strtolower($username)))
4). Speed wise, I'll only have about 10 so wont be that bad actually.

I have found some already so would be useful.
I don't remember if Atom implemented the -e for DCC. Worth trying it if you have not yet...
Indeed, DCC ignores the case of username.
You're too generous to spamming noobs of md5decrypter.co.uk Smile