Hello and really need help with a wordlist
I've done a couple hours of searching google and not finding what I need. I have a small wordlist (70 words or so) that I've created and I need to find a way to combine the words to make new ones.

So I have words like..

And need a program that will give me


Stangely enough I haven't been able to find anything for Windows aside from rsmangler. For the most part it does exactly what I need it to do but it's adding numbers to the beginning and end which I don't want it to do and the switches don't seem to disable that option.

I realize this this may be offtopic but would appreciate some help.
combinator.bin from hashcat-utils.
Looks like it's sort of working. I believe it's truncating the results though. Is it possible to get it to output to a file or anyway to have it show all the results as I'm getting maybe a couple hundred results in the command prompt instead of the 5000+.

Thanks for your help

Edit: I'm trying to crack the password of a 7zip file so unsure if hashcat is suitable so that's why I'm trying to make a wordlist which could then be imported into other software. I was using cudaHashcat-plus64.exe -a 3 -m 1000 hash.ntlm.txt -1 ?a ?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l --force for something else and had a hard enough time figuring that out haha.
to output to a file just use a redirect.
I would love to if I had any idea what that was or how to do it.

Edit: looking it up now

Edit2: I'm trying combinator.exe list.txt list2.txt < c:txt.txt and getting an error. Tried it without the spaces but still getting nothing.

Edit3: Got it working. Thanks much!