Passwords13 Las Vegas CFP
Passwords13 Las Vegas Call For Papers is now open! Deadline for submissions is 23:59 PST on May 17, 2013. The earlier you submit, the more of a chance your talk will be selected.

Conference website:

PasswordsCon is the first and only conference of its kind, where security experts from around the globe meet to discuss only digital authentication security in all forms, shapes, and sizes: passwords, passphrases, passcodes, PIN codes, federated identity, digital locks... everything from creating secure solutions, to stealing, cracking, breaking, and exploiting.

Passwords13 Las Vegas will be held July 30 & 31, 2013 (venue TBD), just before DEF CON and coinciding with BlackHat USA. Everyone is welcome to attend this event, regardless of background or skill level.

Call for Papers

We are looking for approximately 14 speakers to give interesting and exciting presentations on anything related to passwords & PIN codes. We are mainly looking presentations that are practical in nature, rather than academic or theoretical. Anything that demonstrates real-world usability and practicality will be strongly preferred over anything academic or theoretical in nature. A presentation on the research you are doing is fine, as long as you can demonstrate how your research can be applied to real life. Tempting Murphy with live demos, hands-on exercises, and tool releases are highly encouraged as well.

Your talk does not have to present something new! As there will be people of all backgrounds and skill levels in attendance, we are accepting presentations from all backgrounds and skill levels as well. We are seeking to achieve a good balance of beginner, intermediate, and advanced presentations. This way there's something for everyone. So 101 or 202 level presentations are certainly welcomed.

Examples of presentations we'd be interested in seeing:
  • New password cracking tools, techniques, & hardware
  • Demonstrable exploits of any authentication technology, especially new technologies
  • Badass research you are doing that has real-world practicality
  • 2FA or federated logon bypass
  • Online cracking & rate limiting techniques
  • Account numeration techniques
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced password cracking techniques
  • Harvesting plaintext passwords or encryption keys from memory, disk, wire & air (DYI Tempest demos more than welcome!)
  • Various methods for harvesting password hashes remotely & locally
  • Anything else that's cool, exciting, and relevant. It doesn't have to be something new! We are certainly looking for 101 or 202 level talks.

To respond to this CFP, fill out the CFP form and email it to no later than May 17, 2013.

Good luck, and see you in Las Vegas!
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For what it's worth, here's a link to all of the talks that were accepted. Smile