How to use more than two pci-e gpu on a mother with only two?

I want to expand my current build of 2 x 7850 cards, to 4x 7850

I use 7850 because, in my area, the 1GB version is very cheap, and is the best cost/power ratio here.

The thing is that my motherboard only has 2x PCI-E 16x, and 2x PCI-E 1x

can I connect two more cards to the 1x connectors with some sort of adaptor or the required bandwidth for the card doesn't allow it?

I will love to be able to connect 4 cards!.

I have read in one post that you have something called PCI-E extenders, what are they? where can I found them?

thank you
(03-05-2013, 09:23 PM)epixoip Wrote:

Nice! thank you!, I will order a couple of those, the ones with the molex connector.
One question, There says that they are NOT suitable for DUAL PSU, any idea why? if I connect the ground together and the green cable (start signal) it should work.
(I think I should also load the 5V rail a little to improve stability on the second PSU)

i never used the ones with the molex connectors, and i don't know anyone who has, so i have no idea why they would say that.
When using dual PSU's you have few problems.
1. You have somehow to equal load on both psu's, but in most cases 1 psu will be always on full load, and second somewhere at half. This depends on much factors, starting with internal psu resistance and ending that one psu will feed mb, cpu, ram and other will feed last two + other things like hdd.
2. All psu's are different. You connect green wires together but start-up of them will differ. In some rare cases because of that you can end up with one dead card, which stands on higher wattage line.
I'm bad on English, but hope you understood risk's by making 2 psu system by yourself. Everything everywhere have to be balanced Wink
Hi, iam waiting for 2 silverstone striders 1.5kw each. Rig will have 7 hd7970 and first time i see opinion that something can be wrong. Both PSU connect to mobo so both will start and stop in one time when press power button