Envrionment Variables in Linux?
Hi all, I'm trying to install oclhashcat-plus in Linux (I can run it fine by using ./ but I'd like to be able to execute it from anywhere) and I've encountered a problem. I've copied the oclhashcat-plus folder to /usr/local and added it to my PATH. I can execute it from a terminal fine now but I get errors because hashcat wants some files that are stored in its directory but I am currently in some other directory. Are there environment variables I can set so that it finds the files it's looking for (e.g kernels)? Thanks.
works fine as long as you extracted the archive with '7z x' and not '7z e'
OK, so I'm guessing the permissions are messed up. I corrected most of them but I'm getting an error when loading the kernel. What permissions do all the kernel files need? Thanks.
you need write permissions to the kernel directory
Also write permission to the directory where the hashcat binary is installed (potfile, eula.accepted).