hashcat-gui v0.2.453
A new public release of hashcat-gui is available. This setup ships with latest hashcat 0.35.

Download hashcat-gui (v 0.2.453) (md5sum: 601d48057572f58735030563e9aadb39)

Changes from the previous to this version:

FIX: Skip and Limit values were inproperly set to max.

NEW: Output Format option.
IMP: Typo in hashes from clipboard dialog title.
IMP: Removal of dead code.

NEW: Autocomplete and History for hashcat binary selector.
NEW: Autosensing on non-existing hashcat cli binary in ini.
IMP: Setup allows reset of CLI binary setting. Useful for upgrading
      from 0.34 or below to 0.35 and above.
IMP: Fileinfo error handling.
IMP: Logo placement in header image.

FIX: Runtime Error on right clicking the plains list. Reported by Xanadrel.
IMP: Hashcat header graphics.
UPD: Hashcat Icon.

FIX: Skip value was cutted at 10 digits, extended to max digits now.
      Reported by Xanadrel.
FIX: Skip and Limit take up to 18446744073709551615 (hashcat cli limit)
      and 79228162514264337593543950335 (hashcat gui limit; internal)
      safely now.
UPD: Hashcat header graphics.
NEW: Remove option.

FIX: Checkmark in Show Menu was not removed on close.
IMP: Hashcat Binary Selector reflects current directory now.
IMP: Binary selection dialog shows version number.
NEW: Filter for 32 and 64 bit versions of hashcat cli.
NEW: Forum link in help menu.
NEW: SHA256 Hashmode.
NEW: Reset feature for hashcat binary in settings.
IMP: Debug Info shows architecture.
UPD: Hash Browser update to latest data.

Older Releases:
Download hashcat-gui (v 0.2.452) (md5sum: ea4ad8d9220f76bb4c98eba76fb37c11)
Download hashcat-gui (v 0.2.450) (md5sum: e591b4fffc434c89b26bb91ea178ab4f)
Download hashcat-gui (v 0.2.447) (md5sum: 0050ddccc9f0b2355c90d05692d32675)
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