Catalyst 13.4
Well, Catalyst 13.4 is released, are there any plans to support this version ? atom, radix, epixoip: what do you think about this release ? I am sorry there is no Xorg 1.14 support Sad
Ah, new version, new bugs.
Yes I've tested it. So far I do not see much difference to catalyst 13.1. Its a bit slower but not much. However, running on Linux with X11 works, but it sill crashes once it tries to use the ADL library to retrieve gpu temps and stuff like that. You have to either let X11 run or use --gpu-temp-diable parameter.

New version will be compiled for cat 13.4, beta tester should switch now, regular users should wait for next oclHashcat-* release because using cat 13.4 with current release version will not work.
As Far I see, new versions of catalyst become slower and slower =(
Hmm, doesn't sound good. AMD said just a few days ago they are going to aim more at their drivers. I wonder whether they will do well or even worse...

It's really annoying when I do my work and suddenly driver crashes, whole X11 and WM with it, all my windows are closed and I am forced to login again. I am very happy that you compile oclHashcat for the newest ,,stable" versions of Catalyst, because I believe that from now with newer versions will come only more stability and more performance.
I'd like to use the 13.4 drivers and also use hashcat. Is the beta open? Thanks.
Actually, 13.6 Beta seems to be the best. It works great with Xorg 1.14 and there are no problems.