What is the solution to this problem? I hope to respond with a solution
--gpu-watchdog has been deprecated, please use --gpu-temp-disable or --gpu-temp- abort

[Image: problemajm.jpg]

pleas all help me
the solution to the problem is to "please use --gpu-temp-disable or --gpu-temp- abort"
First, thank you for help me
Second, please give me url to download if this program must to install

My ATM is AMD Radeon HD 7670M
My CPU is Intel(R)_Core(TM)_i7-3630QM_CPU_@_2.40GHz

please help me and explain for me becouse i am lew in english, thank you very much my friend
url to download what? just replace --gpu-watchdog with either --gpu-temp-disable or --gpu-temp-abort...
how does it that? please explian that
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please help all me
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