Feature request: WEP cracking.
I have been reading this thread requesting WEP attack with OCLHashCat-Plus:


As long as it is closed, I have reopened another thread here.
I agree with it: +1 for this idea.
It could be interesting to check WEP acceleration: right now I get 20-30.000 keys/second using aircrack-ng. Maybe I could achieve 2x that speed with GPU?
you don't need to accelerate WEP. if it takes longer than a few minutes to crack, then you have not collected enough IVs. you should be able to crack WEP in under 5 minutes on a mobile phone.

and as bmenrigh, WEP likely wouldn't be a good candidate for GPU acceleration anyway due to the data-dependent branching and array shuffling required. it might surprise you to learn that not all algorithms can be accelerated on GPU.