stop working !
Why my oclHashcat-plus stoped working ? what's the salutation ? Please help me.
My GPU is HD7750.

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There could be a million reasons for the crash, none of which can be figured out by that screenshot. Please make sure to read the wiki for information about supported OS and GPU drivers as a minimum before asking such questions.
for 4 md5 hashes . is my gPu option ok ??

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You use a 3rd party windows program (Hashcat-GUI), this implies that whenever you have problems by using this GUI it is better to post your GUI problems there:

If you (instead) really think this is an oclHashcat problem (and it might be), we need you to do following steps:
1. learn to use the windows command line interpreter cmd
2. switch to cmd (at least temporarily) and not use the GUI for this testing purpose
3. read the wiki (whole!)
4. repeat step 3 and improve your cmd skills
5. launch the oclHashcat executable in cmd and see what happens (if not working read wiki again and learn to use cmd, again)
6. post your full oclHashcat command here (including parameters, but excluding sensitive data e.g. hashes)
7. report if/when exactly it crashes (which options you use, dict, mask etc)

Furthermore, in your reply it would be great if you could also write more about your system (64 bit vs 32 bit etc etc).
what is it with windows users and screen shots?