Choosing right card, making estimations
Hi. Im new to cracking.

Im planning to build a budget single gpu pc for gaming-cracking. In future i will add better cards (probably amd 8000/9000 series) and use it for mainly cracking. For now, i cant pay more than 300 usd for it. I have some questions for you.
How he had done that list? If we look from the viewpoint of ratio comparisons within same family, are they reliable?

How i can make ests of cards that didnt tested anywhere?

How important memory size of cards? How much should be enough?

Which should be better at its price? 7870xt or 7870 direct cu 2? or 7950?

Stream Processors: 1536

Asus 7870 DC2
Stream Processors: 1280

Honestly, you would rather stick with the 7950. Don't worry about the other two.
Memory isn't really an issue on any of these cards as long as your using hashcat, so you can ignore that as well. Just know that they all have enough.

Also, don't worry about that chart, because it's many years out of date, and doesn't use hashcat anyway.
if your GPU budget is $300, get a 7950. no question.
SAPPHIRE HD 7950 OC 3GB GDDR5 950 MHz Edition - 320$ - 1792 x Stream Processors
SAPPHIRE HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 XT WITH BOOST - 236$ - 1536 x Stream Processors

Think if you have 3 x 7950 - 5376 Stream @ 960$
4 x 7870 XT - 6144 Stream @ 944$

There is a difference in Stream Processors at same clock rates and prise .
Try this calculations in 10 x 7950 and 12 x 7870 XT

IMO Ofc ...maybe i dont understand all of it ....