Radeon HD8970m
Is AMD Radeon HD8970m good for cracking wpa2 password? Or is there better notebook GPU for cracking passwords?
No, this is the best.
mobile chipsets always suck.
yeah, Kuci's "this is the best" comment is a bit misleading. 8970M is about as good as mobile chipsets get, but it will still leave a lot to be desired.
I thought "this is the best you can get". He was asking about notebook GPU...
i don't pay much attention to mobile chipsets so i'm not sure if it is the best or not. however, it's a good idea to clarify that performance is going to suck regardless of whether it's the best or not.

8970M is essentially an underclocked 8870, meaning it will have ~ 40% the performance of a 7970. this, combined with the thermal capabilities of the notebook, will make you want to kill yourself.