Hashcat GUI problem
Hello gents.

So I installed hashcat GUI v0.5.1. As its outdated, I downloaded the older versions of hashcat (v0.45) / hashcat Lite (v0.14) / hashcat plus(v0.13)

I placed hashcat gui archive files into hashcat-0.45 folder.
Then i replaced hashcat lite and hashcat plus there.

Now once i start the GUI and add all the rules / output file direction / hashes and stuffs then i press "Start".

[Image: jiZnOWb.png]

Once i do, it says the following
[Image: 80TEmAV.png]

If i remove the output thingy and start it, it shows this
[Image: bNmsqqG.png]

I also tried with newest files and used that md5decrypter GUI version.
I have to admit that its kinda buggy at all.

I enter following
[Image: 1HMVXBC.png]

And the result is
[Image: 261P9Ba.png]

It will be great if you help me with the older version as the gui that fits the new one doesn't looks cool to me.

Thanks in advance.
OK firstly, what's up with the new HashcatGUI? The old GUI was way too long and does not have all the options, as well as being out-dated.

You cannot specify compressed files in the "Hash File" section, they need to be decompressed first.

Your binary location is pointing to the "hashcat-utils" folder which is incorrect. You need to point to the hashcat-cli64.exe binary in the "hashcat-0.44" folder. The new version of the GUI supports v0.45 and onwards but I haven't released yet.
Fixed. Many thanks mate, be great!