[VCL Cluster] Graphic Card Detected but Hashcat not running
Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to make a VCL cluster work, but it seems to be I am not quite there.

I have a VM, used as Master, which is hosted on one computer.
In the other hand, I have another computer, hosting an ATI 7990.

When i launch vclhashcat, it loads the digest, prompts which gpu it will use, but does not prompt the kernel lines neither does the job.

I have the Catalyst Driver 13.6 (i know but others didn't work with my Debian Wheezy)
I downloaded the latest (1.2) VCL version, and followed EXACTLY what the tutorial said.

If you have any question, please let me know, i appreciate any help.
it seems like a lot of people are having issues with 1.21. are you able to try a previous version?
Where can i find previous version and how can i uninstall this one properly ?

you'll need to email vcl@mosix.org and ask them

as far as uninstalling goes, do everything you did in reverse.
how do i undo the install command ?
just rm them.