New build hardware question(s)
Hi everyone,
I try putting together my first build, nothing really fancy like most of the other setups here. Has to be a standard box/tower that runs Windows 8.x and Ubuntu client as dualboot due to job reasons. For my personal pleasure I want to build it ok for GPU-cracking using Ubuntu. No gaming on this machine. I have Macs for 25 yrs use Linux aswell but no experience putting together the hardware parts. I have tried to read all the essential posts here, aswell as the wiki. Her's what I have in mind

Graphic: 1 (yes, just one for now) Sapphire Radeon HD7970 referencedesign (PCI-e, 3GB, GDDR5 Speicher, HDMI)
Thx to dioxide ( I already have the fun part.

CPU: Intel i5 4430 Quadcore 4x 3GHz (Haswell, 4th generation)
Dont know if Haswell already goes along well.

Mainboard: Asrock B85M-HDS with onboard graphic Intel HD4600 (via Haswell-chip)
Cause for office work onboard video would be more than ok with me, I'd attach the monitor to the onboard video so my Radeon has off time when not crunching.

Box: Be Quiet 530 Watt ATX case USB 3.0
RAM: DDR3-Ram 16GB PC 1600
Drive: 1TB SATA III 7200rpm
DVD RW 22x DL multiformat

I would appreciate any help and/or comments, best regards, vrposter
I would maybe spend just a couple more dollars and get a little better motherboard, one that accepts two full size slots for GPUs, that way if you want to add another in the future you will be good. Also, may want to bump up the power supply wattage a bit as well if you go that route.
when i recommend reference design cards, i am thinking along the lines of servers & dedicated cracking rigs. i wouldn't use a reference design card in a quiet desktop case that's going to be sitting in your office, because it will kill your ears and drive you insane. i'd use an asus directcu II.

530 watts is cutting it pretty close. don't skimp on the psu, give yourself some headroom.
@dioxide: sorry, my fault. I should have explained this one. So this would be recommended for my use: ASUS HD7970-DC2-3GD5 3072MB GDDR5 ?
I'll shop a better psu, thx for pointing me to that one.
@ powderspecial600: I'll check for a better motherboard and bump the power supply.

Thx a bunch guys for your advice