Recovery file for hashcat
I was wondering if hashcat could get a recovery file like oclhashcat.
I was running a -a 3 for ~20 hours and my pc crashed. I could guess what -s to use but i'd still be off.

I looked at the last passwords found but I cant seem to find the pattern in which hashcat increments. Would it be possible to get an explanation as to how it increments? so that I could write a script that would run the incremental until the entered password was found, then it would dispay the -s required to jump to that password.
ok, recovery file maybe in the next version. the increment function just starts with the length defined in --bf-pw-min (default = 1) and ends when finished the length defined in --bf-pw-max (default = 16).
Resume / Restore support added to latest oclHashcat-plus version. Thread closed.